Variable speed chains

The variator chain is the most important component of the mechanism (variator), which regulates the frequency of rotation of the shaft, while maintaining the specified torque.

Thanks to the shaft speed regulator, engine power is effectively used, and high efficiency indicators are also achieved.

It is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use bearing element. Variator chains are used in industrial equipment, automobile and motorcycle transport, as well as in conveyor drives.

Such chains are especially needed for the transportation of cargo demanding stability (in the pharmaceutical industry, the production of beverages and canned goods).

Features of variator plastic chains

The design of chains of this type includes metal (as a rule, made of bearing steel – it is maximally resistant to corrosion) plates of increased strength, fastened together with special “eyes”-axes.

The latter refers to two plates – thanks to this, the desired strength is achieved in the layout area without compromising the flexibility of the structure.

Each chain includes several links connected by hinges. Available – rotary and forward modifications.

When ordering chains, you should take into account the standard size of the variator (ВЦ1А, ВЦ1Б, ВЦ2А, ВЦ2B, ВЦ3A, ВЦ3B, ВЦ4А, etc.), the adjustment range (from 3 to 6), the chain pitch, as well as the number of links and the dimensions of the chain plate.

Technical characteristics of chains

You can read more detailed characteristics of traction variator chains in the table


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